Friday, October 25, 2013

Armchair Investments


Zoltan M. Padar president MyPrivate Lender

What is the secret in and why is it so popular to invest in Private Mortgage Opportunities? Because it can provide you a double digit return between

securing you monthly income!

Maybe because it is RRSP eligible with extra added advantages, like save your hard earned money from the taxman and pay no tax on your great return, till you retire and you are in a lower tax bracket and most likely will pay lower tax?
Maybe because it is truly an armchair investment, thus you can manage it from anywhere on the planet as the decision is always yours and not some faceless bureaucrats?
Maybe because you can not lose at this game as your collateral is fixed and rigid?
Maybe the security, brick and mortar securing you funds like in the good old days?
We are experts guide you and provide you with information how to take advantage of this opportunities, besides we are to provide you the opportunities to invest in mortgages, secured 120% with prime real estate across Canada. Our video excellent info source of the opportunity and the process.

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