Saturday, January 11, 2014

How to borrow at 3% and invest for 12% up, any questions?

Now we are talking about smart investor retiring early. Yeah? Only talking about it? Now, I will let you know on a secret, what in reality is not a secret, only you have not heard it before. Many very successful investor doing it (my investment company), and to be successful you need an ironclad plan. Investing and be successful needs a lot of planning, not luck. Anybody tells different they are not the best people to give you investment advise, for sure. Here are the basics of investing into mortgages, the most favorite investment vehicles for banks, trust companies and credit unions besides MIC and other private and semi private organizations investing heavily into property backed securities:

  • how to borrow low and invest high (bet you heard it before),
    • invest only when capital is over hundred percent protected (it is not the stock market),
    • you can invest your own capital or borrow(simple if you have it or you can),
  • borrow to invest: against your good credit or your home ( at 3% you are good),
  • invest into private mortgages for a double digit return ( at 12% up return your profit is at least 9%),
  • when you invest the borrowed money, you can write off the cost of your borrowed capital (daaa),
  • how to you use your RRSP plan, where all the profit tax free (tax man running empty),
  • might use your TFSA account to lend and the generated profit is tax free (by now the tax man respects you or hates you, no matter you are the WINNER)
How to achieve high return, how to invest safe and sound, how to get the highest form of protection for your money is on our website. Visit us for more information on this proven method of investing, learn about the process and contact me, I will be more than happy to work with you to get your money working for you 24 hrs. a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. My Services are FREE to you!
Smart investor retires early, are you one? Or you just another dreamer?
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